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Hai Matau Greenstone Pendant


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Product Description

  • In celebration of women's largest sporting event ever held, discover our exclusive FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Jewellery range.
  • Inspired by New Zealand's rich culture, each piece is crafted with loving care, using the best natural elements.
  • Made with Genuine West Coast Greenstone – Kawakawa. A dark rich green with varying intermediate shades, named after the leaf of the Kawakawa. It is the main type used in gem purposes.
  • Pounamu stone literally translates as ‘Green Stone’. The Indigenous Māori people used this hard and very beautiful green stone to make weapons, cutting and carving tools and articles of personal adornment.
  • The Hei Matau (Hook) is handcrafted with Kawakawa greenstone and defined by its gorgeous satin finish. It symbolises the connection of the people and the land co-hosting the largest Women's sporting event in history.
  • The hook is also a symbol of prosperity, abundance, good health, power, authority and respect for the sea and its life in it. They also provide good luck and safety while travelling across water.
  • Each piece comes beautifully packaged in a reusable sustainable wooden display box, a hologram authenticity sticker and Genuine NZ Greenstone Information cards.
  • Size - 50mm long x 30mm wide x 8mm deep